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Dear Peter,
I have just finished using the Mothers Clay Bar system on my wife’s Holden
Commodore, which had been mistakenly over-sprayed with 2 pack marine
paint at our shipyard, while we were painting the new car ferry for
Subritzky’s to run to Waiheke Island, which is a bright red colour.
The over spray was so bad, our painters said I would have to re-paint the
entire car. You can imagine how we felt about that, especially my wife.
I used the Mothers clay bar, and I am amazed at how easy to use, and what
a remarkable finish the clay bar gave to the car, it is 7 years old and now
shines like new. I followed up with Mothers Carnauba Cleaner Wax, which
helped remove old scratches and the smoothness and shine are just
The Mothers Clay Bar saved me thousand of dollars, and my wife is very
happy also!
Thanks again for recommending this product to me.
Kind regards
Guy Obren



Hi there

 I recently had a new cd player fitted to my old hack of a work car and it came with a car care pack free from you blokes.

Was cleaning the new shape car today and used the synthetic micro dry chamois thingy and I would just like to say bloody marvellous. It takes an age to clean the car and a real chamois is a pain of a thing. Yours is quite simply a pleasure to use and does a brilliant job of sucking up the water with no smearing what so ever!!!!!!!

Totally impressed!!


 A. Piper



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